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Burglar Alarms

When a business suffers from theft or vandalism, having good prevention such as an intruder alarm, can help make all the difference. It is not just the damage or loss which affects your business, it is also the downtime and disruption it causes.

Every business requires different levels of security for their specific needs. At DMD Electrical we understand the needs and requirements of businesses in the South West. No matter if you are small start-up business or a larger company operating across several locations, we can offer cost-effective solutions for intruder detection.

Having the right type of intruder alarm and security system in place helps reduce the effect the actual crime could have on your business. With the cost of commercial burglaries running into thousands of pounds it is important to protect your assets. It’s not just protecting your business that is important, employees and visitors need to be protected as well.

DMD Electrical will work with you to develop an intruder alarm system that meets with your specific needs. A good alarm system can act as an effective deterrent to break-ins in addition to triggering alarms on intruder entry.

All the burglar alarms we install are designed and maintained to the highest standards.